Introducing Arthur

*this post contains a gifted product.

In summer last year we adopted our first bunny, Arthur. He was mistreated when he was a baby bunny, so typically he’s quite a timid boy now. His previous owners rescued him, but they didn’t have the time for him a few years down the line, so he wasn’t handled much by them either.

Since the winter started, we decided it was best to bring both boys inside, so now our King Arthur as I like to call him, takes pride of place in the living room – he really does rule the house.

As I said, Arthur is timid, he doesn’t really like being handled, so we do limit handling him, but he does respond to us calling and talking to him, and has plenty of free time to run around the living room – although now the weather’s changing, we may put him back in his outdoor hutch again soon!

While Charlie was poorly, we were very kindly gifted a new food bowl for Arthur and I’m so grateful as we needed a new one for him – I’d accidentally chipped his old bowl while washing it.


The Wishful Luxury Shop over on Etsy make personalised pet bowls, amongst other items and I thought the idea of King Arthur having a bowl with his name on would be so fitting to his character! It arrived perfectly packaged with plenty of bubble wrap so it didn’t get damaged. The name on the bowl does not budge for anything – and trust me, I tried everything! Usually with personalised items, I’ve found the personalisation wears thin quite quickly but this has been washed multiple times now and it’s as good as new!

I would recommend checking out their Etsy shop, their makes would make perfect affordable gifts! If you do, you can bag yourself 10% off with the code: MHL10

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