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You may remember I wrote a post last year talking about my crafty hobbies. I thought it was time to open up more about them because I would love to hear about what hobbies you all have.
One of my all time favourite hobbies is scrapbooking! I grew up around family who were and still are keen crafters – especially paper lovers!

I started my first “proper” – I say proper as this was my first serious scrapbook – back in 2015 after my now husband and I first moved in together. I started it because I wanted to document all of the trips and days out we had together, from before we moved in together, as we’d visited so many lovely places together and I’d taken so many photos! Then, when I fell pregnant with Amelia, I found this was the perfect way to document my first pregnancy too, but I found it hard to keep up with during my pregnancy – so all of the bump and scan photos I had taken are now in Amelias baby photo album.

Since having both of the girls, as you may know we then went on to have Lilly within a year of Amelia, I must admit that I haven’t had much time to scrapbook atall, or even to go shopping for scrapbooking supplies – I used to love going to shops to look at and buy scrapbooking papers!
My most recent scrapbooking page isn’t from very recently at all and I daren’t admit when I actually picked my scrapbook up last! I have made a start on our wedding scrapbook album though, but at the moment that only has all of the photos put in to the order of the day – but I’d love to have the time to get it all documented properly. 
With this, I’ve been actively looking into how to digitalise my scrapbooking and how I would go about picking the perfect scrapbook design. Stumbling upon Design Bundles for digital images has helped me work out how to create my perfect online scrapbook. As I’d been looking for images for personal use, that have the same look and feel as the usual scrapbooking kits and paper packs that I’d usually reach for, this is perfect! My favourite texture is watercolour, and it can often be difficult to find the right watercolour images that don’t seem “flat” and I managed to find this on there too. There are so many digital files to choose from, the digital scrapbooking opportunities are endless!
Trying to find the time to scrapbook again won’t be the easiest task with Lilly home with me again, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be so much easier now I’ll be taking it online using digital images instead of physical paper. This is a good point too, with scrapbooking, paper waste can be a bit of an issue sometimes so this way, although all of the images can be printed to do with what you will – as I won’t be printing them, to keep my scrapbooking easier and quicker – I won’t be wasting paper so it’ll be reducing out household waste too.
Do you scrapbook? Do you scrapbook online or in physical form?
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