Procoal Instaclear Control Mask

I have been researching sheet masks for a little while now, we’d all seen the gold sheet masks going around on YouTube and instagram – right?
Well, knowing that charcoal masks are meant to be great for acne and blackhead prone, oily skin, so I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to give this mask a go!
My skin is averagely oily in the t-zone area, but can also get super dry on my forehead (there’s no in-between!) I’ve always been prone to blackheads on my nose, the only way I ever really get rid of them is to sit and squeeze them (sorry for anyone who’s easily grossed out!) – but they always come back.


The Procoal Instaclear Control Mask aims to address trouble-prone complexions by helping to refine pores and calm down redness without the skin flaking. It also has hydration properties which help transform the skin for a more pure and radiant complexion.


The application was straight forward and really easy. You open the sachet, unfold the mask and pop it on your face! Ensuring as much of your face is covered as possible and smoothing out any air bubbles you may have.


I did find a bit of the mask did twist around, in the upper lip area, so I couldn’t get it to sit on my skin the whole time.


After you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, you then remove it – I actually gently pulled it down my skin when removing it, so I could leave as much product on my skin as possible – although there was already lots on there – which makes a change from any other masks I’ve tried! After it’s removed, you then gently massage the remaining product into your skin until it’s fully absorbed. This is the bit I feel helped the most! The mask being on my skin was so refreshing as it was a little cool, but also it helped me relax too as I felt like I was at a spa being pampered – even if it was me doing the pampering! To massage my face afterwards was the cherry on top! Now my skin feels SO soft, which I was shocked about as I thought it would be like others, leaving a stickiness but it hasn’t, it feels like I’ve just popped on a moisturiser – it’s amazing!

Overall, I would recommend this face mask. The instructions are easy to follow, the application is straight forward and the end result has left my skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
Want to pick one up for yourself? You can find their full range of products here* and you can also get 20% off by using this link!
Let me know if you pick some up for yourself, I’d love to hear if you have the same experience as I have!

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GIFTED – the product(s) in this post have very kindly been gifted to myself, to review for my blog. All thoughts and opinions are honest and are written in my own words.
*please note that the links in this review are affiliate links.

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