Nursery update

2019 so far has brought us the toughest times for our family so far. The girls’ nursery being one of them!
I won’t be going into full details because although I want to tell the world, I also want to forget about it! In short, during the girls’ first full week back in nursery in January, I witnessed and was involved in a major incident that happened at the nursery. After what happened, happened – we decided that it was the right thing to pull the girls out of that nursery immediately, so we did!

To be less cryptic, it was an incident regarding the safety and security of the nursery. 

Now, Lilly is at home with me full time – in January she had just moved up to two afternoons a week and seeing her development report the nursery gave us when we left, she was doing SO well there!
It’s taken a little longer than I expected to get used to having Lilly back home with me, she isn’t a baby anymore – not that she was when she started – but Lilly’s so much more independent and talkative now.
With Amelia on the other hand, we have been very lucky to get her in to the nursery at the “big school” near us! I say “big school” because that’s what Amelia calls it – she feels so grown up now going to the school. She’s doing really well there which is a relief. At her old nursery, Amelia had only just started to talk to and play with the other children there, but she’s settled really quickly into the new nursery!
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