Post Pin Removal

Here is the long awaited update about what happened after Amelias pin removal!
You can read the full journey here.
Well, since then – obviously it’s been a fair while now, it feels like a distant memory if I’m honest! Amelia recovered well. The pin removal itself didn’t phase Amelia at all, which was fantastic. She did go through a slight phase of not liking going to the doctors or hospital if she needed to go at all, but that’s passed now.
Her last appointment was June 2018, this was the follow up appointment after the removal. At this appointment Amelia had an x-ray which showed that everything was still how it should be which is amazing!
We also request for Lilly to have an x-ray too, so her hips could be checked. Lilly has had a click hip since birth, but it’s just a click – nothing wrong! 
Now we have another appointment in June this year, which is her yearly review – another x-ray will be taken and fingers crossed everything is still how it should be!
I know a few people on Facebook groups have been worried about how the scar heals, which is to be expected. Although we weren’t asking the question ourselves, I wanted to add that Amelias scar has healed really well. The redness has completely gone now – for reference we are now 1 year 5 months post-op – how has it gone this fast?! (surgery was September 2017). The scar is now white and it’s barely noticeable!
Please, if you have any questions, or just need a bit of friendly support, please do comment or message me on any of my social media pages!
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2 thoughts on “Post Pin Removal

    • katherinemamahomelife says:

      I agree, the pin removal day seemed like nothing compared to the first surgery! Amelia has been a fighter since before she was born – it definitely showed with how well she coped with it all and we were luck she got back on her feet 2 days after having her cast off – 2 days before she walked me down the aisle!
      I hope your daughter’s still doing well – and you are too! It’s not something we, as parents, forget about easily is it? I’m always worrying that something will happen to her hips now!

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