How I’m doing Slimming World from home

This isn’t something I really thought I’d be writing about, but I have had SO many questions asking how I’m following the Slimming World plan from home, for free.
I had been thinking about joining Slimming World and going to a local group for such a long time, but with the girls and the time that groups near me are – they’re mainly evenings – I had been tempted to join their online membership.
Now, for anyone that really knows me, I am not someone who really enjoys spending money unless it’s really necessary, so spending a small fortune on a membership for something I wasn’t sure I’d even take seriously, is a bit of a risk – and not one that I would happily take.
I decided to get some of the plan books myself, off eBay! I think these cost me around £4, if that. They have everything you could ever need to know about the plan – what the Heathy extras A and B are, free foods, speed food, some recipes and a list of synful foods with how many Syns they are! (If anyone is interested, I may write a whole post about it all, just let me know! – but there are plenty around the internet already.) I also joined several Slimming World facebook groups a few months ago now, so I could get a rough idea what meals people were making, how many Syns things are and a good sense of what happens if you go to group to be weighed each week!
A great tip for if you get the books to do it from hope yourself (or find the info online) – I found writing it all out onto separate pieces of paper to stick on our fridge has really helped stay on track, aswell as keeping a food diary.
1 week in and I’ve lost 6lbs! It’s probably mainly water weight, but I’m over the moon with my loss!
Going forward, I may start sharing some of my favourite Slimming World friendly recipes, they’re all so yummy!
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