5 top tips for #selfcare

Being someone who is notorious for neglecting themselves, physically and occassionaly mentally, I wanted to share my 5 top tips for self care.
1. Eating 3 meals a day and drinking plenty of water.
Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you I manage to do this every single day, but since 2019 began, I have been kicking myself into gear with finding a balance when it comes to fuelling my body. Eating plenty of good foods will help you stay alert and more focused on what you want to do, as you’ll be fuelling both your body and mind – and water will help this too – even if it does make you run to the loo!

2. Getting enough sleep.
I know, I know, what is sleep – right? I hear you! Being a mama myself, with two very active toddlers, who don’t give me a second to do anything for “me” during the day, let alone work, sleep is the first and last thing I’m wanting to do when they go to bed! BUT, getting enough sleep or at least going to bed at a reasonable time, is a great way to practise self care. More sleep will lead to more energy the next day, which means you may get more things done too – it’s a win win!
Did you know the recommended amount of sleep for adults in between 7-9hours per night?
3. Take a break from social media.
This is a VERY important one and something I honestly would advise everyone to do once in a while. Even if you just cut down by an hour or two a day, it will greatly improve your mental state. We are all guilty of comparing ourselves and our lives to the of others, and being glued to instagram for hours, daily, will NOT help your mind. You’ll be thinking about changing your living room decor to match someone elses because their instagram feed is so much more pleasing to look at – just take a break. 
4. Do something for yourself.
I’m talking taking a bath or painting your nails – have a spare couple of hours between a meeting and collecting your children from school? Take yourself for a meal, a cinema trip to see that one film no-one else wants to see (it’s even cheaper during weekdays) or even just go to the park and read a book. Just taking some time for yourself to do something for you, will help you find some inner peace and calm your mind from focussing on and worrying over your busy life.
5. It’s ok to say no.
An interesting one and maybe one that not many people would fully agree with but for me, I would highly recommend saying no to something if you don’t want to do it! Be it family meals or a day out with a friend, maybe you don’t want to go because it’ll be too busy and you don’t like busy places (talking from personal experience) or you just don’t fancy it – it’s ok to say no! You may feel pressured, like you should really say yes, but if you just explain why you’d rather not, then I’m sure your friends and family would understand.
How do you practise #selfcare? What are your tips?
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