Using my planner to get organised

As the year has well and truly begun, throughout January I found myself realising how incredibly disorganised I’ve been and its taken the whole of January to get into a more organised place!

Being a collector of pretty planners (you can see more on my YouTube channel), I purchased a mini Happy Planner last year, which I never really ended up using – not properly.
This year I fell in love with their new planners, mainly the “#momlife” and the “Miss Maker” planners, so I just had to have them! I watched a few YouTube videos and stumbled across a trend where people had put around 3 (or more) Happy Planners all into one planner, so I had to give it a go!

I’ve found the best way for me to get organised day to day, is by using my #momlife planner and I use a colour coded ‘key’ to make it clear what’s happening each day throughout the month.

As I have just started slimming world, I have used my planner from last year (which was undated) as a food diary and I can track my Syns and weight in their too!

I haven’t used the Miss Maker planner properly yet, as I have only just really figured out the plans for my businesses for this year – and the Miss Maker planner will be perfect to keep me on track with all of my creativity!
I couldn’t be happier with my “transformer” planner! I have everything I could possibly need, all in one place AND it fits nicely in my bag so I can take it out and about if I need to!
How do you stay organised? Do you have any tips?
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