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The Creative Craft Show Birmingham 2018

*this post contains a gifted trip.
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On Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed attending The Creative Craft Show at Birmingham NEC. I’ve wanted to go for the past 2 years but due to the girls being born around the same time I obviously couldn’t!
As mentioned here, I really enjoy time away from social media and the internet in general, to enjoy some hobbies that keep my hands and mind busy. My main go-to at the moment is sewing, but I’ve also been really enjoying making keyring and charms recently too! You can read about my little hobby businesses here; LollyBibs&Co & LillyLou Accessories.

The event was super busy, but the atmosphere to know that all crafters were united was great! I visited so many stalls, picking up some crafty bits to make Christmas decorations with the girls and also a new sewing pattern which I absolutely adore from the Quilter’s Trading Post I just can’t wait to make them!

I popped by a beautiful little stall where a lovely lady was busy making some absolutely stunning dolls. While just browsing I found two dolls standing next to each other that instantly made me think of the girls – I just had to have them! Her Etsy shop can be found here!

Their were quite a few workshops going on all around the halls too, I didn’t manage to book myself in for any this year, because I knew that timing would be an issue for me – plus it was a tad overwhelming for me and I’m still actually tired now a few days later!
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Going to the event has really inspired me to be a bit more creative with what I do. I do tend to stick to just sewing for business, but now I’m eager to get started on sewing the girls’ memory blankets and stuffed toys – they’re for me really, but don’t tell anyone haha! I’m also looking in to creating my own fabrics by hand printing them which I’m super excited about! There’s so much more for me to say about future projects, I just wish I had the time before Christmas to get started!
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Are you a crafty person? What do you enjoy making/doing? I’d love to know! Prefer not to comment? Tweet me here: @MamaHomeLife
I’ll also have a YouTube video up soon where you can see the event for yourselves. I’d highly recommend going even if you’re just thinking about starting up a new hobby!
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