LillyLou Accessories

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Phew, the time has finally come to let the cat out of the bag so to speak!
I have been working my little fingers away creating some cute keychains and charms to sell over on my new etsy store; LillyLou Accessories.


The reason I started this little project was because I was fully unsure about the future of my other business LollyBibs&Co (which I’ve now reopened) and I needed something small and simple to keep myself busy in the evenings – to save me from eating through boredom haha.

LillyLou has been open for a good few months now, but I haven’t mentioned it anywhere at all, purely because of how busy we’ve been. I’m sure you can tell that the name is inspired by Lilly, the same as LollyBibs was too – haha! It’s just a super simple and easy name to work with. I do hope that with Christmas coming up, you might check out my Etsy store for some sweet little gifts and stocking fillers!

Do you have a small business? Or even a blog? Leave your links below!

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