Halloween Toddler Crafts

I have known about the Toucan Box for a good while now and as Amelia turned 3 a couple of weeks ago, she is now within the recommended age range or their craft boxes!
I managed to find a code to try a free box, which is perfect for me as I wasn’t sure if Amelia would be able to do the crafts and I’m always on a tight budget!

The box arrived super quickly and had 2 Halloween projects to make, a spider and a jack -o-lantern. They came so neatly packaged too and they even separate the leaflets and adult bits so your children can get stuck in straight away!

Amelia wanted to make the spider first, which is odd as she usually freaks out if she even sees a toy spider!

The instructions were super easy to follow and Amelia enjoyed winding the wool around the pom-pom maker for the spiders body, pushing the pipe cleaners through the straws for the legs and sticking on the funny eyes at the end!

After we made the Spooky Spider, we moved on to making the Jack-o-Lantern.

I used to make these all the time with my brother when we were younger, so it was fun to be reminded of my childhood too! Of course any bits of cutting I had to do, but Amelia loved glueing it all together and sticking on the eyes and mouth at the end. It really helped get Amelia to understand Halloween a bit, as we haven’t ever thought of decorating for Halloween before now.

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