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I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to write up about such a memorable event! I was very very grateful to be invited to Lush’s Winter Wonderland event back in September (yes I know we’re almost in November now, oops!!).
The event was to showcase the releases of their Halloween and Christmas products for this year and oh my goodness, I fell absolutely head over heels for their sparkle jars!
The event was an incredible experience and behind the scenes look into Lush. We learnt how to wrap things using scarves or pieces of fabric, which is excellent for being resourceful and decreasing the amount of waste when gift giving – did you know that most wrapping paper can’t be recycled?
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We then moved on to playing with the bath bombs – my favourite was the pink disco ball, ย the colours were incredible.
We also managed to cause a huge spillage by mixing together too many bath bombs at once – haha! One day I’d love to experiment and see how many bath bombs you can put in a bath full of water before it goes everywhere!
After the bath bombs came the body products, sparkle jars, massage bars and many more! The scents were amazing, Snow Fairy, Twilight, Gingerbread – YUM! Being a complete Snow Fairy virgin before the event, I didn’t realise I was missing out on SO much! They have everything you could possibly imagine in the Snow Fairy scent and I picked up one of their Snow Fairy Sparkle Jars. You simply rub it over your skin, so your body temperature can melt the product a bit, rub it in with your fingers, which leaves your skin super soft. If you’re after a lovely subtle glow and sparkle, you can then turn it over and shake on some glitter! I also grabbed the Twilight version too as when the lovely lady sampled it on me, I couldn’t get enough of the smell! She said it would help any sleeping troubles that I have too. Being one for disliking lavender scents, I actually didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do, but the smell is so subtle you can barely tell it’s lavender!
Finally we went over to the shower gels and body washes. They introduced us to their Ectoplasm and Cinders shower gels, again – these smelt incredible! They really stood out to me because of their vibrant colours too. Lush have also began to sell their shower gels, amongst other products, as naked products – this means they have 0 packaging! The shower gels would usually be in a plastic bottle in liquid form, but they have started making them as solids – but they still look like bottles!
I had such a wonderful time, the whole event was brilliant for a Lush enthusiast and I hope to be invited to more in the future!
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