The beginning of Nursery

Oh my goodness I can’t believe im typing this!
Lilly is starting Nursery. Yes I said it – Lilly is starting nursery!
I really didn’t think id be letting Lilly go just yet. It doesn’t seem that long since we were worrying about her speech and development but here we are today and she’s just had her 2nd settling in session which she absolutely loved! being our youngest and last baby, she really is still exactly that – our baby! We do often find ourselves still calling her a baby and sometimes treating her like one too, but I guess thats just because we know she’s our last.
Well, Lilly turns 2 in November and I suppose that means she is no longer our baby. She’s already a fully fledged toddler, complete with tantrums too. She won’t eat a lot of the food that we put in front of her and even asks for something different. We’re just about ready to stop relying on the pushchair so Lilly can walk places too – which should be interesting.
Back to talking about nursery – haha. We have decided to see how Lilly gets on for now, just for 1 day a week. A day that Amelia goes too, just so I actually get a teeny break to get things done. I’m sure she’ll be fine for the full 3 hours, it’s just a tad scary and it’s really made me realise how much the girls have grown up already!
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