The Hair Helper

*this post contains a gifted product.
Having 2 girls comes with an ungodly amount of hair bobbles and hair clips, even at such young ages!
I went through a phase of buying some gorgeous bow hair clips from small Instagram shops last year and now they’re finally coming out of storage and beginning to be used!

With all these hair clips we needed some kind of storage that was visible and easier to access than a box in the wardrobe.
I was contacted by The Hair Helper(s) to review their Hair Helper. Oh my, what a god send it is! This fully personalisable frame can hold all of the hair bobbles that we haven’t lost yet AND hold all the pretty clips too!
When ordering, you can choose the colour of the frame itself, either pink or white, along with the ribbons so they can match your children’s bedroom decor. I chose blue, purple and pink because we’ll be decorating the girls’ room soon and it’ll be a rainbow theme.
You can even purchase letter stickers so you can add names to your Hair Helper! Plus they also offer super cute heart, unicorn, butterfly and star stickers too!

We are yet to put ours up on the wall as while Lilly is transitioning from her cot to a bed, I’m unsure exactly where to put it! For now I’ve popped it on the shelf so we can still use it easily – it really is very versatile, so if you can’t put things on the wall for any reason, it works on a shelf too.
Overall I would definitely recommend this to any parents with young girls that have all the hair bobbles and clips you could dream of! It’s straight forward and easy to use and although it’s initially designed to be hung on a wall, to place on a shelf works just as well when it’s popped upside down! You can purchase your own here, and find them over on instagram and twitter.
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