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Christmas Treats

Following on from my post where I talked about the girls’ letters from Father Christmas, I wanted to talk more about another usual Christmas tradition that definitely happens every year without fail; as im sure it does in many households.
This tradition of course is over-eating all of the Christmas treats!

We are self confessed over eaters and we love a bit of everything really! Biscuits, crisps, cheese and crackers, you name it – we’ll eat it!

As I’ve been getting prepared for Christmas, I remembered that I checked out Prestige Hampers last year, but unfortunately things got too hectic and I forgot to place my order in time! This year however; I have already got our hamper!


The hamper itself arrives in a sturdy cardboard box. Inside is the basket of goodies filled all your yummy treats!


Our hamper is their Traditional Gift Basket, packed with so many yummy goodies that we are struggling to resist eating them now! The handmade wicker basket includes; a bottle of Chardonnay, a bottle of Shiraz, Red Velvet Crunch Biscuits, a box of English Breakfast Tea, Milk, a box of White and Dark Chocolates, Shortbread Festive Shapes, a Christmas Pudding for 1, Iced Fruit Cake, a bar of Dark Chocolate, Christmas Marmalade, Christmas Preserve, Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps, and a box of Smoked Oatcakes.
Wowzers! It all looks and sounds SO yummy that we’ve had to pop it out of sight so we don’t touch it yet – haha!

We absolutely can’t wait to tuck into the oatcakes and crisps. The crisp flavour sound so original and the oatcakes would be scrummy with some cheese and the Christmas preserve too – I’m sure! 


I can just imagine waking up on the build up to Christmas and tucking into some toast with Christmas Marmalade on and drinking the breakfast tea – it sounds heavenly.


For after Christmas dinner we have the perfect amount of choice for our household. I’m not fond of Christmas pudding or a huge lover of Christmas cake or fruit cake either, so these portions are great for hubby and the girls to share – though im not sure he will, haha! All while I can tuck into some of the delicious chocolates or biscuits – YUM!
As they have so many hampers to choose from, I would definitely recommend checking them out, even as gifts for people if you’re struggling for ideas too. They do all sorts of different hampers, from sweets and chocolate, to wines and Christmas! You can find them here; or even pop over to their twitter, facebook or instagram to see their future updates!

*please note that I did receive the hamper for free in return for this review. This has not had any influence over what I have written. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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