Happy Birthday Amelia

3 today and wow that was fast.
When people say that time flies by and to cherish every second, they aren’t lying.
Amelias birth is still so fresh in my mind and I don’t think the overall trauma of her birth will be leaving my memory any time soon.
Amelia is quickly growing up into a beautiful young girl. She’s funny, cheeky and very polite, all at the same time.
Her hair is now halfway down her back, when it’s held down out of her ringlet curls; and she almost has all of her baby teeth too.
3 years old and you’ve lightened up the world around us (and Lilly has of course!)
Every day you do something new to amaze us. Right now you’re just about learning “why?” and “because” (..yay – haha).
You are the best big sister Lilly could ask for, you have even helped change her bum – yes really! You help teach her right from wrong and how to colour, even outside the lines.
We love you very much Amelia, we grow prouder and prouder of you every day.
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