The reopening of LollyBibs&Co

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Some of you might have seen some of my posts in the past where I’ve talked about my business; LollyBibs&Co. I did rite about LollyBibs here, but in that post I did actually say that I wouldn’t be reopening any time soon – but something’s changed!

I set up LollyBibs&Co after I was sat on the sofa with my hubby one evening and the thought of just sewing some baby bits to sell just came to me. It really was just that simple.

I practised a good few times before I perfected the pattern I had made for the “perfect” (in my eyes) dribble bib. None of the bibs we had at the time for Lilly would fit underneath her chin properly, they all seemed to have a straight edge. They were all in a triangle shape so they wouldn’t sit where we wanted them to.

Once I got the pattern how I liked it, I ordered fabric and towelling fabric, all sourced from the UK and with a little help from my brother and a close friend, LollyBibs&Co began.

I made over 100 sales in as little as 5 months, but then had to close due to Amelia needing surgery for her DDH (you can read about that here). Fast forwarding to now, we have moved house, Amelia’s all better and in nursery, Lilly might be starting nursery soon and I’ve been at a bit of a loose end. I started a teeny Etsy shop selling keyring and bits, but I just have this huge desire to get LollyBibs back up and running.
It’s probably the best and worst time to be reopening though, lets face it – haha. The girls birthdays are coming up, we have our 1st wedding anniversary (ohmygosh!!) and we’re even away for Christmas! But here I am, sewing my little hands away in hopes to be reopen in around 2 weeks time! EEK!!

So do watch this space! I’ll be reopening selling a few individual bibs, bib sets and gift sets too! I’m super excited to see what the future of LollyBibs&Co holds.
Oh and when the store is reopen, I will pop a post on here with a discount code for you all too!


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