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If you’ve been following my blog or my socials for a while, you’ll know that both blogging and youtube are hobbies of mine which I thoroughly enjoy.
In my first YouTube video I mentioned that I enjoy sewing and briefly mentioned LollyBibs&Co which was/is my small sewing business – I’ll explain the “was/is” a bit more soon!
I have always been a crafty person. Most of my family are, or have been, into some sort of craft at some point in their lives. My Nanny was always sewing and in her later days enjoyed card making and it’s the same with my aunts. My mum and Nan have both enjoyed knitting at some stage in their lives too, so I have always been around “crafty” people.
From starting secondary school, I really enjoyed Art. I even took BTEC Art when it came to year 11 (GCSE level back then!) and studied the same in college too. I also remember that when I was growing up I would be making bracelets with bright coloured beads – which I still have today – I was always making things.
When we were expecting Amelia, I made some room decor for her, then added to it when we were expecting Lilly.

I made the “L” and the “A” using some wooden letters and flowers from Hobbycraft.

While pregnant with Amelia I also started scrapbooking, as I was signed off work and needed something to fill my time. I won’t share photos of it on here just yet, there’s too many pages for a start, but to respect the privacy of my family too! The album and bits were from the Project Life range by By Becky Higgins, I purchased mine rom hobbycraft.
Nowadays, with 2 children later and all this ‘adulting’ I’m doing, I don’t get much time to be crafty.
As I previously mentioned, I have a small sewing business called LollyBibs&Co and I have also recently popped open a small keyring/charm/jewellery business too, which you can find here. Lately during the evenings I have been getting back into drawing a bit, I picked up a cheap drawing tablet from Amazon, so I’ve been having a play with drawing digitally. (It’s not easy!) It’s nice to have a hobby that isn’t online. I find so much of my time is taken up by being online that I often forget what I really enjoy doing.

Something that I would love to try and crack is crocheting, I remember having a crochet type kit when I was little and upon completing a good few rows, it made a snake out of wool which poked out of the bottom. I can’t remember what it was called, even through googling, but I’m sure I saw The Works selling them.

I have also been enjoying play doh and painting with the girls, along with making salt dough ornaments ahead of Christmas time too! I can’t share any photos though as they’re gifts, but you can find the recipe here.

I finally be attending the Creative Craft Show in Birmingham this year. I’ve missed it for the last 3years through having the girls and before then I didn’t know it was a thing! For anyone else who enjoys a good crafting session, the show is 1st – 4th November at the NEC in Birmingham; you can find all of the information here.

Do you enjoy crafts? If so, which crafts do you enjoy?

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