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Conker collecting

Here in the UK Autumn’s suddenly arrived and it’s in full swing! It’s the best time of year – if you ask me anyway!

I absolutely love seeing the leaves falling off the trees, acorns and conkers falling from them and wrapping up all warm.

On days that Amelia has nursery, we go off collecting acorns on the way there and back, we always find so many!

Excuse the sticker on Amelias face, she got it from the Post Office for being so patient!

At the weekend, we took a long walk through the park and around the lake. We went to the best spot for finding conkers – we actually started finding them around a month ago, but only a few here and there.

After all of the wind we’ve had this past week or so, we hit the jackpot! I didn’t actually get any conker collecting photos unfortunately.

Conkers are actually quite useful, we use them around the house to stop the spiders coming in.

Something I’m yet to try is making laundry detergent with conkers, you can find the information here.

I’m intrigued to try it out for myself!


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