Bikini Heaven

Having popped on good ol’ facebook one day during my pregnancy with Lilly, I had seen a friend of my mums share a post about a made to measure nursing bra and I was intrigued. Now, I haven’t shared much about my pregnancies or how I fed/feed my babies, but all you need to know is that I didn’t require nursing bras. I was still intrigued, so I clicked ahead to find that not only was this talented lady making nursing bras and regular bras, she also makes bikinis! The shop is called Lucky Sew and Sew, you can also swing by her blog here!
For anyone who might know me, this is not a big deal, or it shouldn’t be, because I’ve never confidently worn a bikini in the outside world – EVER!

I purchased my first 2 bikinis last year, which I have stored away now as they’re now too big!
Around a month or so ago, I was extremely lucky to pick up this beautiful black and white polka dot bikini in a Facebook sale and as always, it fits like a dream! Honestly I have never felt so supported, comfortable AND confident by putting a bikini on. I used to try on bikinis from high street stores to feel so rubbish about myself, look like I needed to purchase a much bigger size and have that awkward bit of side boob on show and that look just isn’t for me. It’s like wearing much prettier “Bridget Jones’ knickers”!

I really can’t wait to wear it on the beach when we go on holiday soon!
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p.s; I am not being paid to say nice things, nor is this a sponsored post – I am just sharing this lovely lady’s business with you all in hopes you can feel as fabulous as I do!

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