Why I’m inconsistent.

I know and I’m sure many of you do to, that consistency is key. This obviously applies to anything in life, but aswell as everyday things, the key tip when it comes to running a successful blog and youtube channel is to be consistent. Be it with the days you upload and/or the content you create.

Well, as much as I’m usually one to follow the “rules” – which I’m not saying that being consistent is a rule of having a blog or YouTube channel – I’m not going to be consistent. Why? Because both my blog and YouTube channel are hobbies. Yes these hobbies can sometimes have rewards, that I’m hugely grateful for, but they are just hobbies.

I might not upload every week without fail, on set days or scheduled times, but I will upload something at some point!

Along with this, I am finding that while my blog is more swayed to telling you about the ins and outs of parenting my two little ones, I won’t always post about toddler related things. Why? Because I like to talk about many other things, be it general life bits, dipping my toes into the beauty side of things (if a review about dry shampoo comes under “beauty” anyway), or even posting health and foody posts. It doesn’t matter. My blog is exactly that, it’s mine. If I want to write about feeding the ducks one day and painting my nails the next, I will.

Now I know as a reader it can be a little off putting to see posts that are all over the place, but I do try to keep everything tidy so you can find topics easily!

Maybe I’ll come up with a schedule for my posts so the topic changes each week, just as an example; I might post parenting things on the first week of the month and it changes each week. We’ll see!

For now, I have a load of exciting posts planned and I’m even attending a few events which I’ll 100% be covering on here, I can’t wait!


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