Lets talk LollyBibs&Co

Now, it’s time to be real. Not that I’m ever fake at all, but when I started this blog, I mentioned how I have my own sewing business, but I haven’t talked about it since. You can read my first post here.


I’ll start off by saying that for now, LollyBibs&Co is closed. It’s unfortunate that I have to say it at all, but as some of you may know, during Amelias treatment for DDH (read more here), I had to close. Between then and now, a lot has happened – Amelia got her cast off, we got married, we celebrated Lillys 1st birthday, Christmas and the New Year came and went. We then moved house shortly before Easter! Since then it has been pretty non-stop too.
I think LollyBibs officially closed around May sort of time. We’d not long started to settle into our new house anyway. I just remember that I had posted a huge giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, for someone to report them both for whatever reason and get them taken down. After been closed for so long, this really affected my confidence with my own business! I felt so down that someone had pooped on my dream so to speak.
From then, I took LollyBibs into hiding. Which I know wasn’t the right thing to do at all, but I did mention it on YouTube for the few people who knew about it.

Now where are we? Well, it’s nearing the end of the year, with Christmas right around the corner, but will we be back open before 2019? I really don’t know! I honestly couldn’t tell you.
There are a few reasons too. I sold a lot of the old LollyBibs fabrics as they were making me sad being sat around unused.
But, I also have muscle weakness in my quadriceps, which as a result, I suffer “Patellofemoral pain syndrome” (knee pain). It basically means that in my case, if I sit for too long – it hurts, and if I move about too much – it hurts. I’m sure you could imagine that using the foot pedal of a sewing machine would affect my knees too – it’s similar to using the clutch or any foot pedals while driving a car. You rest the heel of your foot in a certain way for prolonged amounts of time and occasionally move your foot down to the floor and back up. As I have weak quads, this means my kneecap isn’t kept in the right place, nor does it move in the “right” way, so this causes quite a bit of pain.
My new doctor has recommended a different treatment, which if I stick at it, it may improve, meaning I could re-open my LollyBibs dream! But for now, I’m going to see how things are in January and go from there, as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself when having my own business was meant to be something I enjoy doing and that doesn’t cause unnecessary stress!
I do also have another little project I’m busy working on, it’s only something small but I’m hoping to share it with you all very soon!



p.s: I’m not a doctor. I am merely trying to explain this as best as I can remember from my doctors visit a few days ago!

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