Things I wish I knew before.. birth. Ooh cliffhanger post title right there, hey – haha. I wanted to share things with you about the things I really wish I knew before having babies. I’m not talking about how many nappies we’d end up changing, or how messy weaning really is, or even the later stages during potty training and finding out just how bad a toddlers pee smells (you can read more about that here!
I’m talking things that no midwife every mentioned to me. I had 2 or 3 (I cannot remember now) different midwives for my routine appointments while I was pregnant with Amelia, and one of the same midwives for Lilly. But none of them mentioned any of these things. For less reading and more listening, watch my video about this here.
I will be making this into a series of posts, highlighting each topic as the post will get far too long otherwise!


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Something that, to me, is high on my priorities to get out into the world as it’s almost unspoken about, but to me it was very darn scary to go through. Hair loss.
There, it’s not unspoken about now, is it?! I suffered with it, and boy did I! I am just about over the last of the hair loss now. After having Lilly, my hormones went bonkers. All of the boosted hormones I had during both pregnancies, meant my hair during them, was so lovely and thick and healthy, that after those hormones decreased – yep, you guessed it; my hair fell out. Yes, I know, I wasn’t completely bald or anything, and no, that isn’t a bad thing anyway, nor would I ever think that way. But for someone who is just about ready to tackle daily life with a newborn and a just turned 1year old, it was frightening. I went for what was meant to be a nice relaxing shower – if you can call hearing what you think is your baby crying, when really it’s nothing, a relaxing shower anyway – to wash my hair and find it falling out by the handful. It didn’t stop there, whenever I brushed my hair or ran my fingers through it, there it was, clumps of hair everywhere. This lasted for at least a year and a half in my case and I do still have bald spots, but the hair’s starting to thicken out a bit now (almost 2 years later) and the regrowth is almost reaching 4 inches in parts now.
Is this something you heard about before or after giving birth? I’d be interested to know!
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