Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo

A little while ago I reached out to Lush because, for various reasons, I am unable to easily get to my nearest store (which is 9 miles away) to grab some samples of their products before committing to buying.

They very kindly sent out a handful of products for me to try out. I did only ask to sample one of their shampoo bars, because we’re trying to cut down on single use plastics in our house (you can read about our homemade beeswax wraps here).



I decided the first product I just had to try is their “No Drought” dry shampoo. I’m used to using spray dry shampoos, which I’ve honestly rarely had much luck with them doing a decent job. I have heard the tip of dry shampoo-ing the night before, but in my case, I actually had no idea that I needed it until on the day!

Firstly, it smells amazing. So citrusy which was nice and refreshing. I did however make what I think was a mistake, of putting the dry shampoo into my hand before putting it in my hair. This wasn’t an easy task to make sure I didn’t get it everywhere – haha!



As you can see in the photos, my hair went from visibly greasy and a bit frizzy, to looking clean and a little bit more tamed. Both photos I had unbrushed hair too and after using the dry shampoo, my hair felt and looked more voluminous! Overall I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who fancies a change from using spray dry shampoos and wants fresh smelling and voluminous hair in a matter of seconds!

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21

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