Stunning jewellery from Jouellerie

*this post contains a gifted product.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jouellerie, to receive some jewellery to try out and review. I happily accepted as I’m always searching for the perfect pieces to add to my small jewellery collection.

Upon opening the jewellery, I instantly noticed how it was all such great quality! As their prices are so affordable, I genuinely thought that some of their items may feel cheap, but they really don’t.
I was very kindly sent a selection of their silver jewellery and one of their Rose sets too. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is the Rose colour! The detail on the Aeliana set is amazing too, my camera doesn’t do it justice though!
Something I noticed and love about all of their pieces is that they are all so easy to put on by yourself! No more asking your partners/family members to help put them on. The Artemis bracelet (above) actually has a magnetic fastening! – Is it just me who thinks that’s so clever?! To go with this bracelet, I would 100% pair it with the Crown earrings, I feel like both of these are statement pieces and they’re designed to be worn with sass and confidence!
My absolute favourite from all of the pieces has to be the bracelet from the Hailey set. It is so dainty and dainty jewellery is what I personally prefer. The stars and circles are all spaced evenly and it’s fully adjustable so it even fits my teeny wrists! Another favourite is their Anabelle set, it’s just as dainty but if you’re out and dancing the night away, it will 100% stay in the perfect place on your wrist as it’s a cuff style bracelet. The earrings are so up my street too as they’re small and subtle, but still sparkly!
I hope you check out their items, they can be found here and don’t forget to check out their newly launched Instagram page too!
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