My Weightloss Journey

Since having the girls, I have been so up and down with my weight, dieting and exercise or lack of. At the start of this year I gave myself a loose goal of trying to shed a few pounds here and there, just to feel happy and comfortable with my body.
A huge part of this journey has been to come to terms with the fast that my body is different now. I have had two children. This doesn’t always mean that I can’t “tone” it up again to shake off some of the excess wobbly bits, but I have learnt to be happy with the wobbly bits for now and for as long as im happy with them still being a part of me.
I wrote about the start of my weightless journey back in January, you can read it here. Back then I had started to workout after changing my diet quite drastically compared to the comfort and convenience eating of takeaways and junk food. Now, I have switched up completely and I’m eating everything in moderation, be it “healthy” or “junk food”. I am also having meal replacement shakes, which I know some people may not agree with, but being someone who is slack on eating 3 meals a day minimum, I find it fits my lifestyle well.
The shakes I have a Bootea protein shakes, they do take a little getting used to taste wise, but personally I really like them! I have one for breakfast and lunch, then my dinners consist of a good mix of protein, veggies and a small amount of carbs, but for the most part I have cut out carbs where I can. I have been researching a lot about the Slimming World plan and for little snacks on days where I just don’t feel like I’ve had enough, I will turn to a “syn free” snack.
As for exercise, I haven’t been working out using the DVD like I started back in January, I am now just doing a lot of walking. To walk anywhere we need to is both up and down hill, so with a pushchair it’s a workout right there – haha! We walk to nursery and back twice a week and into town and back as often as we can manage. I have issues with my leg muscles, which means that a lot of walking can cause a lot of aches and pains afterwards.

So, how much have you lost? I hear you ask! Well, I’ve only been taking this more seriously since June and back then I set myself a challenge of just seeing how much weight I could shift by my birthday (end of July).
I started on 4th June weighing 13 stone 6 and as of today 21st August I now weigh 12 stone exactly! I have shifted around 20pounds and dropped almost 2 dress sizes and I feel absolutely amazing for it too! I feel more alert and I’m rarely out of breath when I walk anywhere, unless I’m power walking of course. Not only that, I feel comfortable and so much more confident and happy with my body!
I am sticking with the protein shakes for now, because I still have a smidgen more I’d like to lose and I am hoping to start working out again, but on the days where I don’t get out for walks and not being too hard on myself about it if I don’t feel like doing it one day. I feel that was my downfall before, I was so adamant that I would be working out Monday to Friday every single week, but I was extremely hard on myself, I’d go as far as to say I was doing everything in such an unhealthy way that my mind wasn’t focusing on being happy with myself, I was so focused on the number on the scales and It’s not about that number at all.
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  1. Fit Dad Plan says:

    I recently made a decision to start to loose weight and get healthy. The first part is to improve my diet and eat healthy. For ideas I have been searching for recipies and came across your site in the list. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing as each site I read gives me hope and encouragment.

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