So the #Bibs2018 are here and I wanted to write a little post about them. Having originally blogged many years ago (over 10 years ago – wow), I have been familiar with the blogging scene for a while now and I finally feel like this is my time to share my little life with you all.
I have known of and heard of many different blogging awards and I’m quite proud, excited and shocked to say that I have actually been nominated for a #Bibs2018 award in the “Fresh Voice” category and I am SO grateful for any of the nominations I’ve received.

I know that this years Inspiration award is dedicated to Kate Sutton, who passed away suddenly in July 2018. Honestly, I hadn’t come across her blog before, but from what I’ve read of her blog, and from what I’ve seen on the hashtag #BeMoreWitWitWoo on Twitter, she was an incredibly lady.

The key dates for the awards are:
Monday 23 July – Friday 31 August: Nominations open! Tweet using #BiBs2018
Friday 7 September – Friday 21 September: Shortlist announced and voting opens
Monday 1 October: Finalists announced
12 October at 1pm : Winners announced LIVE online on Twitter!

I’m keeping everything crossed that I, by some miracle, get shortlisted to the next round!
Want to pop me a vote? Click here!


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