Tapnell Farm Park Isle of Wight

You may have read my on Twitter and Instagram that we went away to the Isle of Wight last week for a long weekend. My dad lives in the Isle of Wight, so we try to visit as much as we can. This year, we took both of the girls for their first time there together. Amelia had been before, when she was around 6months old, but Lilly hadn’t been before.

On Monday, we decided that although Lilly had been unwell, we would make the most of our last full day and visit Tapnell Farm Park. We had heard good things about it and as we hadn’t taken the girls to a farm before we were eager to do so.
There were a fair amount of animals, outdoor and indoor, which was great as some of the outdoor animals were sleeping or quite a distance from the fences so the girls couldn’t really see them properly. The indoor animals though, Amelia enjoyed pointing out what they all were and making the animal sounds!
I wish I had taken more photos, or at least remembered to take my camera to the Isle of Wight with me – oops!
The girls both thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Amelia more so, just because Lilly was unwell. There’s so many activities for children or all ages to do there; Amelia loved climbing the haystacks, there were slides, go-karts, big bouncy pillows in the outdoor area, a picnic area and playground.
They also have little tractors for toddlers, they were £1 a go, but free to just sit on for photo purposes – haha! We know from past experience that Amelia doesn’t enjoy rides just yet, and we didn’t think it was wise to potentially have a meltdown from either of them when it was so busy there.
All in all this is such a great day out for the whole family. There’s plenty for everyone to see and do and had Lilly been better, we could’ve easily spent all day there! It is a reasonable price too considering most of the activities are free. We would definitely visit again next time we’re there!
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