Toddler Bedroom Decor

I’ve always been an avid Pinterest lover and I admit I did get a tad jealous sometimes of all the beautiful toddler girl bedrooms on there. All of the decor ideas were so pretty and I wanted to create the same in Amelia and Lillys bedroom, a bit more subtle and on a slight budget. I can’t fully remember where everything was from, or how much it cost, but I wanted to share their room decor all the same!

When you go in to the girls’ bedroom, you first see Lillys cot and Amelias bed. Above they both, we have their names spelt out with bunting from Sass and Belle, I can’t find it on their website though – boo!
On Lillys cot hangs her blanket from The White Company and her teddy of her Grandad and bunny from her Uncle are waiting for her for bed time too! We’ll soon be changing Lilly over to sleeping in a toddler bed I think, every bed time she gets into Amelias bed when we come upstairs – it’s so cute!
Amelias bed is just a plain white wooden toddler bed. She finds it super easy to get in and out of it – mainly out recently haha! We opted for a single size quilt, with a low tog so it doesn’t get too hot, in the summer she just uses a blanket though. The cushions on her bed were from home sense, though they’re usually kept on the floor in case she rolls out of bed – she’s a fidget bum! Her unicorn bedding was from Asda a while ago, I love how it matches the unicorn teddy her Nanny bought her for Christmas last year. Big ol’ Ted is actually my teddy that my husband bought me when we first started dating!

Opposite the beds are the girl’s shelves. Purely used for decoration at the moment of course! It was originally from Argos, but I believe they’ve stopped selling it, I found similar here.

The Beatrix Potter framed quote was from an Instagram shop, along with the wands and memory blocks. The bunting was from a small shop in the Isle of Wight, but I can’t think what it was called, I’m pretty sure I purchased it when I was pregnant with Amelia! The butterflies on the top shelf we a gift from my mum to me, but they suit the girls bedroom.

The “A” and “L” floral letters I actually made myself. I purchased all of the bits from Hobbycraft for them and it was pretty cheap and easy to do! The “A” I made when I was pregnant with Amelia, likewise with the “L” for Lilly. I simply just painted the letters pink and used a glue gun to stick the flowers inside! The handprint frame is mine, my husbands and Amelias handprint from when she was a baby, we didn’t add Lillys though unfortunately. The date block was a bargain Primark find, but here’s one kind of similar.
Over to the left is their bedroom door. Hanging on the back is a little something I made again. It’s just a piece of wooden dowel we had lying around, I put a screw into each end and ties some ribbon onto it to hang it up. I then added different lengths and colours of ribbon onto the dowel, using slip-knots – it’s pretty isn’t it!? I enjoyed making it too!
The writing on the door is actually the girls’ heights we recorded a few weeks ago, there’s not much height difference at all.
Their bow holders are from an Etsy shop, they’re actually much longer but I used some clips to shorten them as I don’t want the girls playing with them – haha. I love the pastel colours and they’re so well made! The bows are from high street shops and Instagram shops.
I hope you enjoyed this little look into our girls’ bedroom decor and how we’re keeping it simple but still pretty (I think)!
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