Loneliness in Parenthood

As I’m writing this, my husband has just finished his week of night shifts and next week he’ll be working afternoons. Both of these shifts I tend to feel a little less in sync with the world compared to his morning shifts.
On nights, we’re all together from late afternoon time and on the afternoon shift we’re briefly together in the morning.
It’s during these times that I just feel more alone. I only have a couple of friends, who live 2 buses away, but as they work, it’s hard to find a good time to meet up and get out.
I usually shy away from admitting I get lonely and using the word “loneliness” but I feel it’s an important topic to talk about as we all get lonely sometimes. It’s not a nice feeling as it can bring us down a bit and make daily life a little bit harder.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of and no-one should ever be made to feel like they can’t be honest and open about how they’re feeling. Loneliness is more common than we think.
To fight feeling lonely, I like to try to get out a few times a week, to the local shop, a walk and play in the park, or even just a quick walk around the block. Getting out for fresh air is my main go-to for those days that I feel I need some company. Since we’ve moved recently, everyone here is so friendly, the elderly always say “hello” as we walk by, or even stop for a chat!
On days that I don’t feel like getting us all ready to go out, it’s still a military operation and seems to take forever to actually leave the house – haha, I like to get us all out to play in the garden. The girls love it and it’s nice and peaceful watching the birds too!
One thing I never thought would really help with loneliness, for me anyway, is social media. I have been speaking to a few very lovely people on Instagram and Twitter and even just having someone to talk to occasionally really does help. I didn’t think I’d ever actually meet anyone through my social accounts. I fear that I come across as needy or worry that I’ll say the wrong thing! But there are so many lovely and relatable people about and we all have something in common – we all feel a bit lonely sometimes.
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4 thoughts on “Loneliness in Parenthood

  1. 2is20 says:

    Loneliness is such a real and difficult element of being a parent and as you say it’s not easy to say you feel that way. Thank you for being so honest ❤️ Xxx

    • katherinemamahomelife says:

      It’s even hard to put into words exactly how it feels too, it’s so strange but it’s something I’m sure many people can relate to! Thank you for taking the time to comment, it’s so lovely of you to thank me for just being honest! xx

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