Our Little Park Adventure

We very happily won the chance to review a Little Life backpack from ConsoBaby UK a couple of weeks ago, so once it arrived we were excited to put it to the test. Usually when we go on our little walks and outings, Lilly would be in the pushchair, but we decided to ditch the pushchair today and see how far Lilly would be happy to walk.

We popped on the Little Life backpack, in the super pretty unicorn design might I add, and set off on our adventure.













A few things we noticed initially, was how comfortable the harness straps were for her, also how generous the parent strap was, but it was a perfect length to still be within reach of Lilly should you need to catch a stumble, which Lilly does still stumble occasionally.










Amelia was more than happy to give up a helping hand to hold Lillys strap too, she loved it! We decided to have a stroll to go and feed the ducks, we popped all of the duck feed in Lillys backpack, it’s so roomy! After the ducks had swarmed us all and were all fed, we popped down to the playground as it was so quiet, Amelia asks us every time we go, to go in the playground, but it’s usually so busy so we hadn’t been in before.


They absolutely love playgrounds, Lilly loves the swings and Amelia is forever climbing everything, we can’t usually keep up! But it was such a lovely moment to grab this quick snap of the girls both sitting together on the roundabout.


When it was time to walk back home, we let the girls “run free” – haha. Amelia is going through a phase where she will only usually hold someones hand while out and about, so for her to actually run around for a bit was a bit of a relief. With Lillys backpack, we tucked in the handle for the parent strap and off she went! It was a surprise we could catch up with her as she’s quite quick!

We absolutely love the backpack, it’s such a cute design, its very practical and definitely safe for toddler who are a little uneasy walking out and about. I would definitely recommend.

Have you been on any adventures recently?


*please note: I was very kindly gifted the backpack to review, all opinions, thoughts and words are my own. This is not a sponsored post or ad. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and I am not being paid to say nice things.

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