A little bit of an update..

Hello, hello (how are you).. I really hope I didn’t just get Mr Tumble in your head by writing that, although it’s not in my head which is GREAT, haha.
Anyway, I’m just here to update you all, and myself on what’s going on really. I seem to have become a bit of a hidden person again after setting everything up (my blog, twitter, instagram etc) but Hi, here I am, I’m back.. again. I think for me personally, it helps me to have a break from social media and the internet in general, however long or short, so I can really focus on myself and my family.
As I’m sure you have read from all of my posts so far, collectively, I have, we have, a lot going on, most of the time. I mean, that’s kind of obvious right? We have 2 toddlers, so of course we’re busy. But aside from that, my husband works shifts, so he isn’t always home at the same time each week, it does get hard.
I have kind of suddenly decided that right now isn’t the time for me to be focusing on my business, LollyBibs&Co. And have decided to close the doors for a little while. Since closing before Christmas last year, I had lost a little spark for it, and lately I just haven’t found that bit of time to squeeze in the advertising and love that it needs right now. But that’s ok. That’s perfectly fine, because even though it is something I love and don’t want it to be the end of, I just know that now isn’t the right time for it.
I’ve been spending time focussing on getting my coursework done. I’m really into it and I’m still finding it so interesting. I’m on Unit 4, which is about Character, and I’ve passed all of my assignments, up until now, first time. I am yet to do this assignment though!
YouTube is now a thing, did you see? I for some crazy reason, decided to start making YouTube videos! I feel this is something that’s been in the pipeline for a long time now, I’ve watched YouTube videos since before it was a real ‘thing’, so I feel I have to try it myself! I’m hoping to make videos based on parenting advice, but who knows, I’d LOVE to try and vlog a day in our lives, would you watch it?
I think that’s all I have to update you on, for now. I hope to resume regular posts again soon!

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