Amelia walking around the ward, pushing a little shopping trolley.

Amelias Pin Removal

Amelias pin removal day went ok, not completely to plan but it happens.
We arrived at the hospital ward at midday to be told there wasn’t a bed free for Amelia and to go to a different ward. I was pretty relieved to be honest because the original ward was SO busy and there were no seats left in the waiting room.

Amelia was happy walking around the hospital with me because we were on an adventure.

We arrived at the Medical Day Care ward where it was super quiet and the play/waiting area was empty, Amelia loved it. After a little wait for a bed, we were told that there was quite a wait until it would be Amelias turn to go down, so after fasting from 7:30am, she was allowed a drink of squash to keep her going (it was around 1pm by then). We played and played, Amelia was constantly walking up and down the ward with me closely following behind haha.
Amelia walking around the ward, pushing a little shopping trolley.
After lots of playing, Amelia went down at 4pm and I’d forgotten to ask how long to expect her to be in surgery for. The ward staff assumed around an hour, so I quickly made a few phone-calls, had a coffee and a sandwich and got back up to the ward to wait. An hour passed and I was eagerly waiting to hear the ward phone ring. I kept hearing the staff mention Amelia and about changing wards, but I thought nothing of it.
This was Amelia before going down for surgery. I mistakenly gave her felt tips which she got all over the bedsheet!
5:30 came and she was in recovery, YAY! On the way up there, I asked the ward staff what time they usually close the ward, 6:30 she told me and she also said they had been calling around other wards to see if they had a bed for Amelia in case she needed longer than an hour before being discharged, but no-where else had a bed.
We entered recovery to find Amelia crying alot. Nothing like when she came round from having her first surgery at all. I know this time was different and less pain relief was needed but I had never seen Amelia in this way, ever! We had loads of cuddles and she soon calmed down on the way back to the ward. Now the countdown was on, I was constantly thinking about if we were going to just be kicked out at 6:30 so the final 2 ward nurses could go home or if we’d be moved elsewhere and have to stay overnight. Amelia was refusing to eat, drink or get dressed. I felt helpless. Every part of me was breaking with every tear that rolled down her face, but I needed to get her to have a drink/eat and get dressed.
Que the distraction technique which I do not like doing. I had to give her my phone, and in this situation it’s completely understandable that I did exactly that! I managed to get one arm out of her hospital gown, then the screaming started again, luckily one of the nurses came over to lend a hand. After that it was pretty plain sailing. Amelia ate almost everything I had in my bag for her! A banana, a bag of apples and grapes, wotsits, an apple fruit bar and a bar of chocolate, all washed down with 2 cups of squash! Soon after, they removed her cannula and I said hubby was almost there to pick us up, so we started going through the discharge information.
The aftercare is simple to keep the dressing on for 7 days, go to the doctors after 2 weeks to have the wound checked and we’ll then have a follow up at the hospital in 6-8 weeks which I’m guessing will involve an x-ray to check on everything properly.
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