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Things I never thought I’d do as a mama

Before having children I had my own opinions of what I thought I would and wouldn’t do when I had my own. Now I have Amelia and Lilly my opinions and views on certain things have changed so much.

I always thought I would never give either of my children a dummy. I always thought it was a lazy thing to do, clearly this was before having children. When Amelia was a newborn, after around 1 week old, she just would not settle. We spent hours upon hours rocking her to sleep. We tried everything. Changing her, feeding her, rocking her, making the room quiet and playing white noise, nothing was working. I remembered someone kindly gifted Amelia some dummies as part of a ‘new baby’ present and to our surprise that was the only thing that settled her and it’s been the same with Lilly. I always thought it would be such a struggle to wean Amelia off her dummy but luckily that hasn’t been the case atall. At now 2 years and 3 months, she officially has no dummies of her own and never asks for one and this has been the case for around a month now!
Baby wearing

Baby wearing was never something I thought I’d ever do, I was always a little sceptical of how safe and comfortable baby carriers really were. I always had that thought of children becoming so dependant on being carried everywhere and glued to you. I was wrong, so wrong! Baby wearing is not only safe, it’s so comfortable too! Lilly absolutely loved her teeny days where I’d use our chicco carrier for our walks around the park. A huge bonus was that she could have a proper look around, even while facing me, as she was never really comfortable in a pushchair.
Matching clothes

(Excuse the hairbrush, I was teaching Amelia to brush her hair by showing her me brushing mine)

This one makes me giggle. Why I thought I’d never put my children in matching clothes is beyond me. It’s the cutest thing ever!

What do you do that you thought you’d never do as a parent?
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