How I stay motivated to workout

Motivation can be one of the hardest things when it comes to getting up of the sofa and being active, especially if you’re like me and only really have the time to workout in the evenings when your kids are in bed.
My main motivation is when I look at photos of myself, anywhere from pre-pregnancy to recently.
Overall I don’t have a set goal, I’d just like to become happier and more comfortable with my body and since accepting my jelly post pregnancy belly, I’m more motivated to be more active, as my mind set has changed.
Often I try to set myself daily or weekly workout challenges, one week my challenge could be to work out for a set time limit every other evening, or to work on one specific area every evening (even if it’s just for a short time).
Working out shouldn’t be something you dread doing.
I find if my mindset on day is that I’m dreading a workout, I kick that out of my mind and work 10 times as hard.
Change it up.
If I’m feeling particularly un-motivated it tends to be times where I’ve done the same workout every night for a week or more. As I use Charlotte Crosby’s Belly Blitz for my work outs, every other week I try to start the workouts back to front. I’ll warm up and start from workout 12 down to whatever number I’m physically possible to get to. It makes it more interesting as I don’t often get as far as workouts 10-12, I’m lucky if I get passed 7 most days!
Also there are plenty of home workouts you can find on YouTube! After doing some searching when I was struck down with the flu over Christmas, I found so many easy to follow workouts that you don’t need any equipment for, some even look pretty fun too!
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