Schwartz: Thai green curry


A typical evening meal for us usually must be something quick and easy, yet healthy. Recently I’ve been purchasing the Schwartz sauce sachet for various meals. The latest one being Thai green curry, something neither me or hubby had tried before.

Following the instructions on the back I started by preparing everything. I diced 3 chicken breasts, we buy our chicken from musclefood as it works out cheaper for us than regular supermarkets and their hampers last so long too.

I then went ahead and chopped some spring onions and placed roughly 100g frozen peas into a bowl for ease of adding later.

Starting with spraying fly light into the pan, I then pan fried the chicken until it was lightly browned.

For the next step I measured out the milk and stirred in the sachet, then poured it over the chicken.

After stirring this, I then added the peas and onions and let that simmer for around 10-15minutes.

Meanwhile I boiled some plain rice ready for serving.

Overall it took around 20-30minutes, which was perfect for us. The meal itself was super easy to prepare and make and tasted SO yummy too!

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.13.21

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