Let’s talk LollyBibs&Co

Early last year I was umming and ahhing about setting up my own business. Having always wanted to work from home I could never put my finger on what exactly it was that I wanted to do.

In college I aimed to progress into a fashion design or textiles course to further my sewing skills, as I enjoyed it so much, but I never did take my college education any further than getting a Distinction in BTEC Art and Design.

A fair few years down the line, and 2 children later, I finally discovered what I wanted to make. Bibs, Lilly was forever getting soggy clothes because of the thin bibs I had bought her to wear while teething.

I spent hours designing and perfecting a bib pattern using old towels and t-shirts that we’re heading for the bin. When I gained confidence with my machine, I then purchased the thickest towelling fabric I could find and some prettier fabrics for the front.

I enjoyed it so much!

In May 2017 I opened up and by September 2017 I hit 100 orders, most of which had multiple bibs per order! This was right before Amelia’s surgery, which led me to close. Unfortunately I missed the whole of Halloween orders and the Christmas rush too, but I needed the time for me and my family.

Where is LollyBibs&Co now?

It’s still there, I promise! I’ve been busy working on the website to get it up to scratch for when I reopen. I still haven’t set a formal date or even know roughly how long it’ll be before LollyBibs is reopened, but it will be 100% reopening in 2018. At this current moment, I physically don’t have a sewing space. I know right before I closed, I had an office space set up, but this isn’t feasible at the moment. I am however trying to figure out somewhere so I can start sewing again sooner!

I’m also taking the time to work out which direction to take LollyBibs in, it started as a hobby-business (fully HMRC registered though) but got more serious (I was sewing day and night). While this was great and I thoroughly enjoyed every second, it did become a little to much at times when it came to trying to entertain and take the girls out etc. Now I have a lot more on with studying, Amelia going to nursery etc, I need to sit down and find a balance between everything.

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