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Getting healthier

I hope you’re all enjoying my posts so far. I’m aiming to write an introductory post for each category that I’d like to keep up to date on here.
When my husband and I got married in November, the hangover was dreadful and I felt awful. Having seen a few photos from the day, which were taken at very unflattering angles, I realised I had to change something.
I’ve never fully been confident or happy with my body and 2 kids later I’m far from that now. I have learnt to accept my wobbly bits and jelly-belly more now though, it’s part of who I am and if it stays like this then I’m ok with that.
From the Monday following our wedding, I stopped eating junk. No crisps or chocolate, and after some research I changed up my meals too.
For breakfast I have porridge, fruit and granola, or scrambled egg with no bread. I haven’t eaten bread regularly since I gave birth to Lilly because my weight ballooned when I was pregnant!
Lunch usually consists of a huge salad, sometimes with some crackers.
Dinner for me wasn’t too drastic to change. We stopped the takeaways as much as we’d got up to 3 takeaways a week, ew! I just make sure that I’m eating smaller portions overall and plenty of veggies.
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Since making these changes I have also got back into working out – from home! Once the girls go to bed, I’ll pop on my gym leggings, sports bra and weighted gloves and start my workout DVD. For now I’m using Charlotte Crosby’s belly blitz, it’s actually quite intense but also pretty fun!
Since making these changes it’s taken me from November to now to get from 14st exactly, to 13st 4. Roughly I think that’s around an 8lb loss, in 2 months!
My body feels better for it, my mood is so much better and I have so much more energy!
This is the lowest I’ve weight for a year, as I did the same after Lilly was born. I then got stuck at this weight and gave up. This time I’m more determined than ever to continue my health and fitness journey, I want to stay healthier for the girls.
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