What I study: the how, the where, the why

Eek, I’ve just submitted my first assignment and having not studied for probably around 10? years, I’m super nervous about it! I’ve never studied this way before, not from home or even a coursework/assignment based study. In college I studied Art & Design which I’m sure you can imagine, didn’t have any coursework based assessments.
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So, what am I studying? I’m doing an Introduction to Counselling course which is Level 2. I really hope to go on to a Level 3 course after I finish this one, but it all depends on if I pass!
Where am I studying? I am studying at home, online through the Open Study College. After spending around 2 weeks researching courses and qualifications, looking at reviews and all the FAQ’s you could imagine, I decided the Open Study College was the best option for me. Not only are they slightly more affordable courses, they offer 24/7 access to your own personal tutor should you need any help and also the qualifications at the end of your course are recognised.
The why: the why can be broken up two ways; why am I studying from home? Why am I studying Counselling?¬†Firstly, I’m studying from home because (and I’m sure you’ve guessed it) I have 2 children. I did look into physically going back to college, with the closest college that had this course being about an hour away, but obviously it was only available during the week. In now way could I figure out what to do with the girls while I’m at college, everyone else works! Also another plus side of doing an online course from home, is that I can do it whenever I want to within the 1 year completion time frame.
Why am I studying counselling? I chose counselling because as biased at it sounds, I’m a great listener. I enjoy helping others in any way I can, even if that’s just lending an ear, I like to think I’m always there for anyone.
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