The grand reopening

Eek! LollyBibs&Co is now back open, I’m so happy and relieved that it’s finally happened (albeit 6 months later than planned) but I’m so nervous too! I’ve changed the whole website and also the way I’ll be working orders. That’s what’s so nerve wracking, because I’ve decreased the fabric collection online, I know not everyone… Continue reading The grand reopening

Amelia · Lilly

Things I never thought I’d do as a mama

Before having children I had my own opinions of what I thought I would and wouldn't do when I had my own. Now I have Amelia and Lilly my opinions and views on certain things have changed so much. Dummies I always thought I would never give either of my children a dummy. I always… Continue reading Things I never thought I’d do as a mama

Health and Fitness

Schwartz: Thai green curry

YUM! A typical evening meal for us usually must be something quick and easy, yet healthy. Recently I've been purchasing the Schwartz sauce sachet for various meals. The latest one being Thai green curry, something neither me or hubby had tried before. Following the instructions on the back I started by preparing everything. I diced… Continue reading Schwartz: Thai green curry